Test Pattern Generator

So a while back I made a script which would generate a user defined test pattern for small circuits (or rather for small number of input combinations). The program gets the inputs as small chunks defined by the user (such as all ones, all zeros, one-hot, defined binary numbers etc.). I later use Itertools for making products of those smaller lists. So far I managed to generate more complex chunks (for example if the user needs 3 bits to be either one-hot or all zeros. actually this case happens a lot for us in checker generation).

Today I made some changes to the console help message by adding more examples and beautifying it a bit (because why not? ?). It also generates proper reports to console if you have more complex chunks. for example, for the 3rd example ( python tpg.py -IF 1 z 3 B101 oh 5 we), this is what it generates (note the input number 1): 


I’m thinking about adding more functionalities to it.  At the moment I’m contemplating about what would be the logical next step. I would update this post once I made some improvement.