Glassplate archive…

In the little free time that I have, I have been slowly buying and building a small archive of old photos and with a bit of focus on glass plats. Today it reached 100 plates some in the 8×8 cm magic lantern format and some 9×12 cm.

I have been packing the plates up and making sure they are stored as nice as i can store them. I made my own 3D printed holder boxes for the ones that came without any packaging of their own. The rest I have been keeping in their original box, wrapped in acid free paper, all stored in a dark cool place. The use of original box actually is quite annoying to me, as I read that you are not supposed to store the plates laying down. But for the time being this is how it will be stored.

There are some notes going in:

  • Many of the 9×12 plates were indeed badly damaged before i got them. Some were cracked, or missing some pieces. Some have either light leaks or degraded emulsion (im not quite sure).
  • There are some cases that something is censured by me. As I own these plates, I believe I have the right to decide not to share offensive imagery.

I have been also been scanning the plates with my mediocre scanner setup. You can find the scans here: